If you are currently missing Men’s Skincare Routines 101, then now is the time for you to change. Even though you are a man, you also need to do a lot of things in facial skin care. Among other things, repair, protect, and pamper your facial skin.

For this reason, the following are the stages in adjusting the most basic treatments so that the results can last a long time. Come on, you can learn how to deal with acne problems, irritation when shaving, and fine lines that are already starting to appear. Here are some ways you can do to start facial skin care for a man who is still a beginner.

Men's Skincare Routines 101 for Beginners to Maintain Facial Skin

Men’s skincare routines 101 for Beginners

Doing facial skin care for both women and men requires consistency. This is so that you can have optimal results. But doing the routine will feel complicated if you don’t know what you need to do or what you use. Here are three important steps in skin care that men usually neglect.

Cleaning Facial Skin

Men’s skincare routines 101 first is cleaning. But you need to know, that one thing men do right is not washing their face every morning. Because washing too much can damage the natural oils in your skin.

However, it will work if you wash your face at night. Start your morning with a clean slate. Then you also have to get used to your skin ending fresh too. Make sure the dirt and pollution that sticks to your facial skin all day long doesn’t seep into your pores overnight.

For this reason, it is recommended to use a facial cleanser that has a light foam before you shave to help reduce surface oil. If your skin is not sensitive, then you can alternate between exfoliating cleansers for a better shaving experience and a lighter wash.

Remember, if you have oily skin, then you can use a towel to clean your face in the morning. You can splash cold water for a fresher sensation.

Make improvements

Your skin will get damaged over time. Oxidative stress will occur due to the presence of free radicals. The reason is that oxidative stress is associated with negative reactions to bad things. Among others, such as cigarette smoke, air pollution, industrial chemicals, and UV rays.

Also, use an antioxidant serum. Examples such as vitamin C can help you reduce damage. It’s better if you use it in the morning under a moisturizer. You can apply it after doing routine shaving.

Then for those of you who are over the age of 30, use a retinol cream before going to bed. Because retinol can help smooth wrinkles and fine lines.

Moisturizing and Protecting

The next Men’s Skincare routines 101 moisturize and protect facial skin. In the morning, you can continue after using an antioxidant serum using a moisturizer.

This moisturizer has more or less SPF 30. Sun protection is not only for you to use when at the beach or when exercising outdoors. The reason is that the sun’s rays that accidentally when you do outdoor activities will increase and cause damage to the skin. At night you can choose a light moisturizer without sun protection. The reason is at night, you don’t need to moisturize.